Ever wondered what makes some portraits stand out more than others? Maybe it's the warm light that seems to effortlessly fall across the subjects. Or perhaps it's a striking backdrop like a downtown’s landmark or gorgeous of nature. In either case, the common link is that these portraits were probably taken outdoors. Beyond the benefits of being out in the fresh air, many clients looking for photography will often want to start with an outdoor session for its simplicity. And if you couple that with having your session during Golden Hour, you’ve got a recipe for memorable photographs that you will love seeing each day as you walk into your home.

Asian Couple standing on grass at Boston Common garden for golden hour portrait

The best time of day for outdoor portraits. 

When choosing the time of day for your portrait session, it’s important to consider the harshness of the sun. By starting with Golden hour (the hour immediately before sunsets), you can be confident that you won’t have anyone squinting in the sun or harsh shadows running across your body. In fact, the natural soft sunlight during this time of day can make clients look their best, and add a special quality to their photographs that you’ll be able to treasure for a lifetime. The aesthetics of golden hour portraits will look absolutely stunning when enlarged and hung on your wall, providing a beautiful focal point in your home.

Tips for capturing the best outdoor portraits

To make sure your portraits are exactly how you are dreaming them up it’s good to have a quick checklist. Start with easy things like LPT. Locations, Poses, and Techniques. Select a location that speaks to you. Some might prefer being surrounded by nature other may want the location of their first date. It’s a great way to add a touch of nostalgia to your photographs. When imagining Poses, we first need to remember to relax. By putting on your favorite song, and even having a quick dance party before your session, you can shake all the tension out such that whatever position you are put in your smiles will look that much more authentic. Lastly, considering Techniques, consider the impact you want your photos to have, are you looking for something that is extremely dynamic with a wider angle, or perhaps more of a carefully composed tight shot that will stand the test of time? In any case, by making sure your photographer hears your vision, you will have the beautiful portraits that can be displayed with pride.

Mom Dad and Baby in the woods smiling for golden hour portraits

Why a professional photographer is essential to golden hour portraits

While it’s true, we all have great cameras right in our pockets and you can probably take some great selfies, but for heirloom quality photographs it’s important to choose a professional photographer who understands the importance of lighting, composition and storytelling. Golden Hour lighting is gorgeous but there is an art to playing with it to balance your image’s brightness. When composing your photographs, you also want to be confident that parts and pieces of you will not be cut off unintentionally or using angles that are not very flattering. Storytelling will also let your portraits be able to bring you back in time, seeing an entire moment unfold in front of you. And of course, a professional photographer will also be experienced enough to help you feel more confident, relaxed, and at ease during their session, resulting in more natural and authentic photographs. Because of their authenticity, these beautiful portraits will be of so much value, that hanging them in your home is a great way to showcase your investment.

By now, you’re probably dreaming of all the different photographs you can create during your next golden hour portrait session. With great natural lighting, the ability to inspire nostalgia, or just the ability to relax a bit more, the benefits of having your outdoor session during golden hour seem to be pretty obvious. So, capture the magic of golden hour and cute memories that will last a lifetime with a professional portrait session.

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