Best Family Photographer In Boston Park parents lifting two kids

Family Photographer in Boston, MA

Heirloom quality portraits you'll cherish for a lifetime

Family Photographer in Boston, MA

Heirloom quality portraits you'll cherish for a lifetime

Spend more time with your family, and less on the cloud

When was the last time you had some old friends over to hang?

Reminiscing of those good times that you are so proud of, that you remember so vividly, that you even have a photo of!

You know there's a picture of it, somewhere.

If only it was right there, in an album or on the wall.

With my 3-step experience, you'll have access your photos whenever you want them!

You never have to worry about your images disappearing into the cloud or on that dusty USB ever again.

Starting with our very first call, I will talk with you to discover what, or more importantly,

who, it is you love and spend less time stressing about where those great pictures went.

With a focus on custom designed products to suit your home and your lifestyle,

your favorite stories will always be within reach.

Canvas wall art for family photography in home

Let your family's story leave an impact, in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Share your story

Schedule your call with me to discuss what your dreaming up for your photography session. In the mean time, we'll crack a few jokes, ask a few questions, and find out if we'll be a great fit. I will guide you through locations, wardrobe, and more!

Step 2: Design your story

No matter what kind of photo session we have, you will get to choose from a variety of collections, each custom designed to suit your imagination. You'll predesign your albums, and select your frames, so that after the creative session your art will be ready to go.

Step 3: Tell your story

The fun part! Come hangout, and be yourself. Be the one that will eat the goldfish stuck in the couch or the one who will shamelessly talk to their pet in baby voices. When you get to be yourself, those are the moments that you will cherish. Those are the times we will remember,

Hi, I'm Mike!

The photographer for families

who know they have something special in their arms.

Whether you're just getting started building your family, or you've been riding that wagon for years,

I emphasize capturing the moments of you and your loved ones together.

By helping you take a break from the world

You can focus on the love you’ve built with each other.

My photography isn't about being posed in strange positions, or having long awkward silences.

I will keep you moving, in a way that feels normal and authentic.

I like to capture the real you.

So jump around, dance terribly, and make a silly face,

because the photos you will have afterward will be so worth it!

family portrait photographer near boston headshot with camera

Family Pictures

Cuddle up and put on a smile,

we're going to create some memories!

Couples Pictures

Grab your bestie and let's celebrate you both!

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“Wow! Mike, what a wonderful job! It was a pleasure to have our son be photographed by you!”