As a Son, a Husband and Father, I love seeing my family photos

There is nothing more important than family. You hold each other together.

You learn and grow with each other each and every day.

When one of you reaches a new accomplishment,

everyone shares the emotion of that experience.

But you are also busy, hardworking, and may find it hard to focus on the present.

As a husband and father myself, I find myself always asking the same question:

What if I missed the opportunity to celebrate my family's latest achievements?

Well, I'll stop you right there.

Put away the FOMO. I'll bring my camera,

and you can stay centered on doing what you love:

being surrounded by your loved ones.

Here’s some fun facts about me:

  • My son is my biggest inspiration in my photography.
  • I’m a very outgoing person, with a passion for creativity, and love of physical products. 
  • I'm based in Malden MA, and operate all over the Greater Boston area
  • I’ve been photographing since I was 11 years old. When I got my first black and white film camera, and with it a first hand education in film development.
  • I am also an architect! I’ve been trained for composition, design, color and lines.
  • It's a goal of mine for my clients to focus on physical photography again. Social media is great and all, but a photograph is much more personal when it’s on your wall or in your hands.
  • I consider my style to be a reflection that is true to life:
  • I emphasize the natural colors to bring you right back into the image.
  • I like to capture the candid moments that transport you to the moment it was taken.
  • Shooting outdoors is my favorite place for portraits because of the fun in hunting for natural light.
  • My favorite food is cheese pizza with buffalo chicken on it, and a side of blue cheese!
  • I’ve got a long list of hobbies but powerlifting, snowboarding, and being a father are at the top of my list.
Family Photographer Boston Massachusetts dad and son with cat happy

Whether your a family of 2, 4, or 15,

When you consider me for your family photography sessions, you're going to get great energy and my utmost attention. You're going to get a father who knows that photo sessions rarely go as planned, but instead are dynamic and must be ready to change on the fly. You'll get someone who invites challenges, and strives to make any situation work. Top client focus is a priority, and I want to hear and tell your family's story.

My goal is to get you know you and your family so that when you come back for the next session, as each of you has hit another milestone, you feel even more comfortable than the last time and can let your true personalities shine!

What others are saying:

Lauren D.

"Michael was very professional and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable working with him. The images came out great and I’ll be back to get photos taken by him again!"

Katy T.

"The way you handled my rambunctious trio was great. They felt comfortable around you and that helped them to loosen up during the session. It was so much fun and I really appreciate you including me in the images, I tend to make sure they get pictures and never think to include myself."

John S.

"Very outgoing and brings a positive vibe. In the future I hope to have another session for pictures. Really easy going and easy to work with as well as collaborative ideas he’s a top notch guy!"

Now that you know about me, I want to know about you!