Golden Hour Photography Session at the Arnold Arboretum

Tim and Heather have been married for over 6 years.

A self proclaimed "awkward couple", they took it upon themselves to avoid photography,

even having their wedding at city hall to avoid it.

But time moves quick, and so do we wish to have a chance to freeze it.

So they decided to get outdoors and face their fears.

Together with their trusty companion Donnie,

we headed off the to the Arnold Arboretum for some photography fun!

The Arnold Arboretum in Boston, MA

is truly an incredible place. It has a space for everyone. From dirt pathways, scenic waterways, to over 3 thousand species of plans. Add to that, 281 acres of land, it was easy not to feel restricted in places to photograph. We were able to find this empty path right off the entrance, and find

The Arnold Arboretum is one of the oldest public parks in North America. Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and Charles Sprague Sargent in 1872, it created the second largest link in Boston's Emerald Necklace. 120 acres of parkways and waterways which run through Boston and Brookline, and operated by Harvard University's agricultural and horticultural departments.

The arboretum is without a doubt one of the best parks in Boston for photography. Because of its size, and various landscapes, there are endless locations to discover.

As we were walking along, we made sure to snap some shots of the happy dog parents as a family.

Couples photography walking on pathway in park holding hands with dog

To get started, and calm their nerves, We sought out a private pathway

to capture some intimate moments together. After some warm up shots to keep everyone excited, Tim and Heather finally let their guard down for an this beautiful intimate moment together.

man in blue shirt leaning in for kiss to woman with white dress through trees with leg in the air,

Some might say the arboretum is like a rainforest.

And amazingly enough, that is exactly what happened.

In the middle of our photo session it began to rain! We tried to wait it out under a tree, and while we were waiting, the sun made its debut.

With only a little bit of direction on what kind of poses to do, Tim nailed this wonderful dip photo with the sun as out backlight.

When a photographer says Golden Hour is the best time for your photography session, this is exactly the kind of lighting you can expect.

man in blue shirt dip woman in white dress under tree in rain with golden hour sun backlight

The rain kept going.

It was something out of a movie. The love, the magic, was absolutely perfect.

The couple embraced the rain as it kept coming down during our photo session. Tim scooped Heather up and began to twirl her in the rain, and we got another beautiful moment of them.

man in blue shirt holding woman in white dress kissing and spinning in the rain during golden hour sunlight

As the rain stopped, and the sun began set, we continued on to follow it some more. We moved further down the winding pathways, and found the sun peaking ever so gently over this beautiful brick wall.

As we backed up against it, we got a few more shots together as we saw the sun start to disappear beyond the trees.

woman in white dress and denim jacket kissing man in blue shirt below the sun against ivy covered brick wall