Wondering where to take your photos?

Selecting the right backdrop for your photos can seem like a tough decision. After all, Massachusetts has endless options available to you. The important question to ask yourself is what theme is most fitting for your portraits. Do you want more of an urban look, maybe the beach, or do you dream of being in a forest type environment?

If you still find that question still tough to answer, think back to what locations represent your personalities. Is there a spot you frequented with the kids that is special for them? It can even be as simple as asking where did you meet your loved one? Locations like these will hold far more sentimental value than choosing a location that has no significance for you.

Below are some of my favorite locations to take portraits, and they are all near (or close) to Boston!

Piers Park

This beautiful little park in East Boston is one of my favorite spaces for family portraits. Grassy knolls and great views of the city. Keep the kids smiling with a giant playground. Here you can get that perfect art piece for your entryway. A photo of you and your family with the Boston skyline over your shoulder.

Boston Common

If your looking for a place to take family photos in Boston, than its almost required that you start your portrait session right in the heart of Boston at the Boston Common. If you in between city and forest vibes for your With the charming architecture of Boston gracefully rising above the lush garden, you'll have the perfect photo to greet visitors

Arnold Arboretum

If you have to have your next portraits outside with nature, than look no further than the Arboretum. With endless paths to meander across, you will have so many opportunities for private photos together among the garden.

Horn Pond

In Woburn MA, this cute pond has ample opportunities for some inspiring moments for couples and families alike. With a loop around the pond you will find a cute brick cottage, curling shorelines, and nature around you. Make it fun for the kids and spot rare birds along the way!

Endicott Park

If you are looking for a location for your family photography that has a little bit of everything, than Endicott Park may be just the place your looking for. Great for engagement photos, senior portraits as well, Endicott Park has a classical garden charm while also featuring a gorgeous beach front. This location is a bit further from Boston, in Beverly to be exact, but definitely worth the drive.

As I mentioned before, the location you choose should be a reflection of you and your personality and vision. The beauty of photography is that the end result is ultimately dictated by what the camera sees. You might have a beautiful patch of vegetation right in the middle of a parking lock, but with carefully selected lenses and composition, it can give the appearance of being in a wide open field!

I want these locations!