In a world where we are constantly bombarded with technology, work, and the stresses of everyday life, it can be difficult to make time to shut out the noise and focus on being present with our loved ones. We often find ourselves in a never ending routine of searching for coffee, or constantly washing the dishes, and never finding a resting moment until the kids are off to bed. But by carving out some time, we can be more connected with our families. One way we can find connection again is by scheduling a photography session, and what better time than during golden hour! Golden hour, also known as magic hour, is the period shortly before sunset or just after sunrise when the light is soft, warm, and diffused. This time of day provides the perfect backdrop for family photography sessions and can help bring families closer together.

Beautiful scenery for your photographs 

Since we are going to photograph we get to take advantage of natural light. The soft, warm light of golden hour provides the perfect backdrop for family photography sessions. This lighting creates the soft and dreamy atmosphere that is ideal for capturing beautiful and intimate family moments. During golden hour, the sky is filled with hues of gold, pink, and orange, which create a stunning background for family portraits. Often times, the places we find ourselves for our photography session are even more beautiful than we originally pictured.

Your session should encourage connection

The warm natural light we get during golden hour is by itself enough to put our minds in a peaceful place. A golden hour photography session provides a relaxed and intimate atmosphere that encourages connection among family members. The soft and warm light creates a peaceful and calming environment, which can help family members feel more comfortable and at ease during the photo shoot. This can lead to more natural and candid moments captured on camera, which you can relive for years to come as you enjoy your photographs together.

Putting the screens away is a no brainer

During a golden hour photography session, families can disconnect from technology and spend quality time with each other. With smartphones and other electronic devices dominating our daily lives, it can be challenging to disconnect and focus on the present moment. A photography session during golden hour provides the perfect opportunity to put technology aside and focus on creating memories with loved ones. And by putting those phone away you can see all the beautiful things happening around you in real life!

Your moments will last a lifetime

A family photography session during golden hour can provide lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come. These photos capture a moment in time and tell a story about the connection and love shared among family members. They can be passed down from generation to generation, creating a family legacy that will be treasured for years to come. How could anyone forget that sunset!

Scheduling a photography session during golden hour can provide a beautiful and intimate setting that encourages connection among family members. This type of photo shoot provides an opportunity to disconnect from technology and focus on creating lasting memories with loved ones. With the soft and warm lighting of golden hour, families can capture stunning photos that will be cherished for years to come.